Early Singles Vol. 1

by Digging Up Virgins

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This is our first official vinyl release. See your local DUV member, select local record store, or Funny/Not Funny distro for your own copy. The vinyl is going for $5. It comes with a FREE digital download. The digital download itself, without the vinyl is $6. WE WANT YOU TO BUY THE REAL DEAL! So go pick it up!


released February 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Digging Up Virgins Williamsburg, Virginia

"I'm from all over." -Bobby Peru (just like the country)

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Track Name: Digging Up Virgins
You dig me; can you dig me now?
You feel me; can you feed me now?
You dig me; can you dig me now?

No more corporations.
I am not quite used to this.
In a cynical coffee shop
A boyfriend is waiting
For a time bomb to blow up.
From under the counter,
The ticking-tock counter.
And then pandemonium will break.

I landed a big one.
Can you feel me now?
One chance in a hundred.
Can you feel me now?
Can you feel me now?
And I was the one who did good on the order of food.

One chance in a lifetime.
Can you feel me now?
One chance in a life-time.
Can you feel me now?
A prophet in waitng?
Can you dig me now?
Let's all go get going.
Can you feel me now?
Can you dig me now?
Can you dig me out?
Can you feel me out...
Out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out, out!
Track Name: Three-Legged Man
This dickhead boasted that he is happy.
He said it is a choice,
And if you're special, you can make it.
I'm not very fond of cherries.
I don't like how they taste,
But I wish I liked them because they look good,
But I don't like them.
They're my least favorite food.

But thorns aren't to be ignored.

I used to be able to do pull-ups,
But I can't anymore
Because I lack in the upper-body strength,
And I'm so spiteful that I only have brains.

But thorns aren't to be ignored.

The most sound structures stand on three legs.
The fourth would make it wobble,
And I don't wobble.
I won't wobble,
No, I won't wobble,
And you won't see me do it,
Because I won't do it,
Cause I won't be sitting down.
I'll leave,
I'll die.
Track Name: Tame
You're not the one likely to save us all in this day and age.
You're far more liable to bring a box of crayons to the grave
To make some imprints of our grandparents on a notebook page.
Why don't you go home and teach your first-born through the first grade?

And you don't tame.

I blew your Bluetooth loose to make your ear drums cave in.
It was a battle to the death, and I win.
You should at least invite us out in some day and age
To do lunch with you and pay the tip; it's the least you could do.

And you don't tame.

And you don't tame.

The weather doesn't look that bad,
It feels just like it always had.
The leaves had come, and now they're gone,
and they'll be coming back along.
I used to cry, but now I don't
For special moisturizing soap,
Cause now my voice is clean as blood
As that is just what scalping does.
I had a rat and for a pet,
It gave me cookies and it sat.
It feast on mice and lemon rice.
I bought with cash I won from dice.
And everybody's sitting here,
They're sitting here, and sitting there.
The lemons are not clogged with stains,
And that I cannot bear to hear.
Track Name: Catch the Disease
I'm looking for a new place to breathe,
One where there's no one around,
And where breathing's not a specific thing.
I'd like to hear the sound.
And I want you to know
That I want you around,
And I want you to know
That there's breathing all around.

I find a new breath in the air,
And it's time to go.
If I wasn't standing here,
I'd be standing alone.
And there's where I want to go,
But then you're not around.
And that's not what I heard
When I was breathing into the crowd.

I find a new place to breathe,
One where there's no one around,
And where breathing's not a disease,
So that I can't be found.
And this ain't hide and seek.
This is a boat out on a sound,
And it's no place to be
If you've not yet caught the disease